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Generation Z is moving on!

Oversharenting.  Yes, there is now a term for the social media phenomena of parents who share details and information about their children starting from ultrasound images to adolescent accomplishments. While young adults have no control what has already been posted about their personal lives, they are now taking a different stance on the art of social media sharing.  Generation Z seems to be acutely aware of their digital footprint and the impact has been the onslaught of a new wave of anonymous or self-destructing social media.  Goodbye Facebook.  And hello Whisper.  As the name implies, Whisper is the new way to prudently share personal information, even secrets.   Whisper ensures, even guarantees that content is untraceable due to the anonymity of the user, but it’s only one of several popular apps.  Blink allows the sharing of self-destructing texts and pictures with groups.  Skim deletes texts as they are read, and messages from BurnNote can be viewed only a few words at a time.  Wow.

It seems that young adults are also boycotting oversharing in order to shelter themselves from the FOMO factor – the fear-of-missing-out.  Recent studies indicate that social media such as Facebook and Instagram can leave followers feeling depressed and dissatisfied with their own lives as they view the highlights and fun of others.  Generation Z is moving on, and yes there’s a term for that too. JOMO – Joy-of-moving-on!

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