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Digital Devices aren’t the Enemy – Kids need to learn to Concentrate

A great article reminding us of the need to teach kids how to concentrate.  While such skills came naturally to previous generations who were not distracted by digital devices, today’s digital natives need to learn how to use devices wisely while also honing their attention skills.

The author encourages time each day when kids have no access to computers or devices at all.  Time in their schedule to simply chill with a book, or over a board game with family and friends.  He encourages the integration of mindfulness and meditation practices in school environments to not only lessen stress among students but to also strengthen their attention skills.


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Praise vs. Reality – To praise or not to praise?

Dr. Taylor’s interesting article prompts us to reflect on the question of praise and who exactly is responsible for building a child’s resilience and self esteem.

When I was in the classroom, I always believed in affect before acquisition.  If a child wasn’t feeling secure, valued and content, his or her learning was at risk.  Now as a counselor, I so appreciate when parents take time on a busy day of conferences to check in with me and ask about the social and emotional life of their child.

Thank you Jennifer Brozost and Vimmi Shroff for your insight.

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Different Children = Different Abilities

For those with more than one child, here is an article worth reading – particularly if you wonder why one seems to be a great achiever and the other less so.

The article reminds us that like educators, parents must appreciate and meet each child where they are while setting high standards for all to achieve.  Rather than making comparisons, appreciation of what each child contributes to the world is necessary.

My favourite quote from the article reads:

“Grades, after all, are not the endgame of education. Learning, and the development of life skills such as grit and self-determination, are.”