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In loss, there is renewal.

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It is at the beginning of each school year when I acutely feel a sense of renewal and promise.  The atmosphere of the school seems electric with the energy of new friendships, new learning and new goals.  In many ways, the start of this school year resounded deeply with my own personal journey.

After a several month hiatus, I am back to the land of blogging.  My break from it came about unexpectedly and coincided with the loss of my dear mother.  While she passed away in February, I did not truly feel the impact of the loss until April, when I was surrounded by reminders of her at Mother’s Day.

In the months that followed, I spent considerable time contemplating loss.  Nothing can prepare us for the loss of a loved one, and the act of mourning is as individual and personal as each of us.  From this I learned about acceptance – the acceptance of what has occurred and the importance of being in tune with your body and mind in order to abide to their needs.

In my experience, the surprising side of loss is renewal and opportunity.  I took pleasure in a renewed energy and closeness in my relationships with my sisters and father.  In our shared loss, we found a bond we had never experienced before.  I witnessed my father as a loving husband — a side to him I never really knew. While each day holds the promise of new opportunity, I live each one as a testament to my mother’s legacy – her legacy as a generous, extremely kind and loving woman with a wonderful sense of humor.

In my interactions with students, I often help individuals navigate the struggles of loss:  the loss of friendships due to international moves, the loss of a pet, or even the loss of a loved one.  It is my hope that I help them discover the acceptance of what has occurred, the gift of what has been shared, as well as the opportunities that await beyond their grief.


Author: nremondi

Like many of my students, I am a Third Culture Kid - well, a Third Culture Big Kid. In my adult life, I have lived and worked as an middle school educator in Japan, Hong Kong, Jordan, England and the United Arab Emirates. In 2009, I returned to Hong Kong to take my first post as a middle school counselor where I have truly found my niche. My days are filled with opportunities to connect with students, colleagues and parents. I absolutely love my job. When not connecting with the school community, I enjoy all this great city has to offer - from its hiking trails and beaches to the crowded markets of Kowloon and the cosmopolitan chic of Central. My passions include travel, photography, service work, food, cinema, literature and the arts.

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