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Best be AWARE !

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A great NYT article to share with your adolescents when they are adamant that what they share online doesn’t make a difference to their future.

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 5.04.43 PM

It’s also worth watching this video together as a family as a great launch to the discussion.  Be prepared to be amazed!



Author: nremondi

Like many of my students, I am a Third Culture Kid - well, a Third Culture Big Kid. In my adult life, I have lived and worked as an middle school educator in Japan, Hong Kong, Jordan, England and the United Arab Emirates. In 2009, I returned to Hong Kong to take my first post as a middle school counselor where I have truly found my niche. My days are filled with opportunities to connect with students, colleagues and parents. I absolutely love my job. When not connecting with the school community, I enjoy all this great city has to offer - from its hiking trails and beaches to the crowded markets of Kowloon and the cosmopolitan chic of Central. My passions include travel, photography, service work, food, cinema, literature and the arts.

One thought on “Best be AWARE !

  1. This was a fantastic read , thank you for taking the time to do this

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